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We consult with clients for environmental solutions to sustainability goals. Applying a team approach, Virdao and our best-in-class partners assist companies and organizations with:

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) – measurement, reduction, reporting, verification, offsets
  • Renewable Energy – certificates, on-site, planning, projects, investments
  • Reporting – Carbon Disclosure Project, Newsweek Green Rankings, & more
  • Partnerships – EPA Green Power Partner, Green-e Marketplace, Cool World, & more
  • Cost Reduction – energy, demand response
  • LEED Building – design, commissioning, RECs
  • Special Projects

We customize our services to maximize value for clients. Our consulting may include strategy, planning, marketing, partnerships, project management, research, and special projects.

Making a positive environmental contribution has never been easier. Doing so creates intrinsic value for nature, and can build brand equity and add market value.

Services For:

S&P 500 companymid size & small companiesGovernment & Non-Profitinvestors & Builders


Virdao Partnerships

Green Power PartnerCool World