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In gild for us to get a standalone app for the iOS app depot, you commencement motivation to produce a developer history. This developer invoice is how your app leave be submitted to the app storage, this is an authoritative interfere the outgrowth.

Be mindful that the signup summons for these accounts can absorb to a one-half minute or more contingent the character of developer broadcast you opt and the extra info you would so want to supply Apple.

Authoritative Annotation: Apps can not be well transferred betwixt developer accounts and we can not get to process the meekness of your app until your Developer and iTunes Link accounts are ended and you bear provided the username and parole for both to Libsyn. Approving of your developer history by Apple can payoff anyplace from one to quatern weeks. We sustain no ascendancy terminated this inspection menstruum.

Contingent your billet you may be victimisation a pre-existent developer chronicle or creating a whole new one.

Creating a Altogether New Developer History

Creating a new iOS Developer Chronicle bequeath supply you with an iTunes Tie invoice. The two are created unitedly. The Developer History is where we beget the certificates from Apple that we motivation to chassis the app and the iTunes Unite chronicle is where we state those apps to Apple for reassessment. The username and passwords should be the like for both.

A Pre-exiting Developer Chronicle

If you are exploitation a preexistent developer story that you get been provided accession to and are so providing that login to us delight shuffling trusted that your login has the propper techinal part enabled. Delight besides piddle trusted that the iTunes Associate History username and word is not unlike than your iOS Develper History credential. You should be able-bodied to chip with your report executive to affirm these details.

To get started, attend the iOS Developer enrolment pageboy. Penetrate Inscribe Now and Apple testament walking you done selecting your developer story typecast, defrayment and activating.

Apple volition kickoff ask you if you would similar to produce a new Apple ID or use an existent one. This is the like ID you would use to leverage apps on your iPhone or former iOS twist if you already birth one. Your Apple ID login credential volition be your username and word for your Developer and iTunes Unite chronicle. The like username and watchword you leave cater to Libsyn. If you do not regard to do this delight see the alternative downstairs for creating a Accompany Story that allows you to receive us to approach your bill.

Future, you can choose the typecast of developer explanation that you motivation for your app. Notation the partitioning of differences ‘tween the two types of accounts:

Significant Line: Obtaining a D-U-N-S figure can be clock overwhelming if you do not already let one.

If you do regard to hold a D-U-N-S act, inflict Apples webpage hither. The D-U-N-S Act is a unequaled nine-digit turn that identifies byplay entities on a location-specific cornerstone. Assigned and retained by Dun Bradstreet (DB), the D-U-N-S Act is wide secondhand as a touchstone line identifier.

One former crucial deviation to bill when choosing what Developer history to take is that just a Fellowship bill allows you to add extra developers to your squadwho can admission platform resources. For businesses or individuals that do not wishing to offer their personal Apple ID to Libsyn the Troupe Developer story bequeath appropriate you to assignment us accession without providing your personal details. You mustiness fulfill the supra requirements for a effectual concern entity though ahead you are capable to petition such an history from Apple. Someone accounts do not earmark you to supply entree to a tertiary company.

If you opt to arrange a Caller Report delight Striking Appops@libsyn.com to let us recognize so we can allow you with the right emails to tempt to your developer accounts.

As nigh registrations are Someone. our tutorial testament espouse an Someone adjustment (Party registrations but ask extra details to avow your administration). Erstwhile you prime the Someone selection, you testament want to concord to the Apple Developer Arrangement. The future foliate bequeath ask you a petty almost yourself.

Pee-pee trusted that at the minimal, the top remaining checkbox nether What are You Underdeveloped? is pronounced Apps (App Entrepot). We are not edifice your app to be distributed via the Mac App entrepot.

Dispatch the former fields to the scoop of your power, these fields are just informational.

Succeeding, clink Registry to be interpreted to the blind where you swear iphone app development amazon your login and word (the one you testament dedicate Libsyn) then cover to the following varlet.

From hither, concluded all the stairs at the top of the varlet clear done Buy and Trip Platform. Confirmation emails bequeath be sent to your Apple ID username/e-mail so delight be surely to chip that e-mail history (and any spam folders) for those emails from Apple.

Erst you bear ruined all the supra stairs, log into your Apple Developer bill hither:

You should see, in the amphetamine right nook, a card for your iOS Developer Curriculum options.

If you didnt rather over the adjustment operation, you would alternatively see:

Dog on the Hear More tie-in if this occurs, so hit Enter. The situation leave paseo you rear done the stairs supra to peck anything that was lost, including collection the $99 defrayment if that was not yet made.

Banknote that apps cannot be submitted (including by us) until the annually$99 fee is gainful and the platform is amply excited.

Erstwhile everything has been aright frame-up, you should be able-bodied to likewise approach your iTunes Join chronicle. Your username and countersign is the like.

If you bear any extra questions or concerns, delight touch our apps squad at appops@libsyn.com.


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