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Field Grand Challenge

The current situation in the medical field is changing rapidly. Taking advantage of developments in science and technology to the full, customized paper new developments in prevention and treatment of disease of the call for close cooperation with other areas. The meaning of the key components of these changes and success interdiciplinary programs for health care, has been discussed in Michel Goldman’of «Medical education: to move the border to promote interdisciplinary».

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Medical border, provides a unique tool to communicate the latest advances in important areas of medicine to a wide range of audiences, is a peer-reviewed open access journals. In addition to the paper that link has between basic research and clinical practice, special importance has been given to research that is directly related to patient care. In this spirit, the magazine published the latest research results and assignment help service medical knowledge to promote the translation of scientific advances into new treatments and diagnostic tools. A complete list of the professional section represented in the medical front line is as follows. As the field of well-established health care, medical frontier, we launched a new section to facilitate together

– The use of patient-reported outcomes in real conditions

– The use of new information and communication tools in the evaluation of utilization and new drugs of large amounts of data

to disclose all of

– Scientific basis for the guidelines and decisions by regulators

– Access to the global pharmaceutical and medical equipment

– Manage the writting an essay magnificent health challenges around the world

All the original document that was sent to the front line of the drug that has been done in humans, it must comply with current regulations Declaration of Helsinki. Ethics Committee approval and consent of the patient notification, will be needed for research on humans. Ethics Committee approval will also be needed for the study, including the animals. Phase I – The submission phase IV clinical trials for publication in medical limit, you must have been registered or in the first of the appropriate registry tried publicly in front of the patient registration time. Details of the clinical registration program (unique identifier and URL) must be included in the abstract. The author is required to disclose all of the apparent or potential conflicts of interest, depending on the guidelines and limit ICMJE. Limit effort to follow published guidelines and recommendations for best practices by publishing ethics committee (COPE). The writer, for full details please refer to the author of the guidelines.

Medical limit is a member of the Ethics Committee of the publisher.

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