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Our vision is for a sustainable environment that is powered by green renewable energy. A world where global temperatures stop rising, and clean fresh water is abundant.

Our mission is to team with companies and organizations to improve the environment, and their business success, while moving towards this vision. We do this by enabling clients to make sustainable progress towards environmental goals, and to appropriately recognize and promote those actions to their customers, shareholders, stakeholders, and employees.

We believe market forces are driving and accelerating investments and implementation of green renewable energy, clean technology, and green building. Investments in sustainability potentially generate above-average returns because of their multi-faceted value to the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profits).

We believe teamwork and collaboration will be required to overcome the challenges presented by a warming world with limited resources. We come from backgrounds in business and government, strategy and project management, Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial start-ups, high-tech and distribution, and have close ties to environmental, manufacturing, and quality engineers.


We take environmental sustainability personally and incorporate it into operations. We consume less energy for cooling, heating, lighting, and operations thanks to office space with upgraded insulation and windows, use of natural light and ventilation, high efficiency lighting with dimmers, and use of Energy Star certified laptops, office equipment and appliances.

We purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) certified by Green-e to offset 3 times our electricity usage. Indoor and outdoor water use is reduced through retrofitted fixtures and low-water landscaping. Additionally, we reduce and re-use material resources, purchase recycled printer paper, and recycle everything possible. We are proud partners of the EPA Green Power Partnership and Cool World Private Partnership.

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