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Green and Clean technology is among the world’s fastest growing investment opportunities. Demand is attracting capital to develop and implement solutions to environmental issues, and the ROI is getting attention. For example, in May 2012 Goldman Sachs announced plans to channel $40 billion in investments into renewable energy projects such as solar and wind as well as energy efficiency, energy storage, green transportation, efficient materials, LED lighting and transmission.

Investors in stocks and bonds, investment bankers, venture capitalists, angel investors, and governments are investing as they see big profit opportunities. The flow of capital to environmental solutions grew at double-digit rates through the recession and is now accelerating. These investments help improve the environment now and develop future technologies while offering the full range of risk-reward opportunities.

Green Building has grown dramatically in the past decade because of the delivered return on investment. Green buildings reduce operational costs through energy savings and employee retention, and increase productivity and worker satisfaction. As a result, builders and property owners are receiving higher valuations on certifiable green properties.

The US Green Building Council’s (USBGC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system for buildings establishes clear and compelling guidelines for buildings to increase energy and water efficiency, maintain site sustainability, improve indoor environmental quality, preserve materials and resource, and more. LEED is among the fastest growing organizations in the world, and this occurred during a building recession.

Virdao’s Consulting Services are customized to maximize value for clients. Our consulting may include strategy, planning, marketing, partnerships, project management, research, and special projects.

All consulting services feature a team approach focused on maximizing return on investment. The benefits include improving the environment while maximizing returns.

Consulting Service Options:

  • Monthly Subscription (hours of consulting per month). Cancel at any time.
  • Partner Package (specified service delivered with subscription)
  • Special Projects (hourly, fixed price, or equity)


Investors & Builders

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