Mid-Size & Small Companies

Mid-size and Small Businesses can affordably improve the environment, positively influence their customers and local community, and be recognized and rewarded for those actions. Customers are making purchasing decisions based on a company’s environmental actions, and this trend is accelerating.

Companies can strengthen existing relationships, expand their customer base, and increase brand equity by taking action and leveraging existing sustainability partnerships. Most companies can use additional marketing support. Why not voluntarily improve the environment and gain business at the same time?

Businesses can demonstrate leadership with customers, industry, the competition, and with suppliers. Voluntarily making a positive environmental change is a healthy move that increases connections and business. Virdao can help your company achieve your sustainability goals while increasing customers. The opportunity to do good work and be publicly rewarded with a stronger brand has never been better.

Virdao and our best-in-class partners assist mid-size and small companies with

Greenhouse Gases measure, verify, report, reduce
Renewable Energy certificates (RECs), on-site

Cost Reduction Energy
LEED Green Building




Virdao’s Consulting Services are customized to maximize value for clients. Our consulting may include strategy, planning, marketing, partnerships, project management, research, and special projects.

All consulting services feature a team approach focused on maximizing return on investment. The benefits include improving the environment and adding value to your company shareholders and brand while making environmental solutions affordable.

Making a positive environmental contribution to the environment has never been easier. Doing so creates intrinsic value for nature, and can also build brand equity and market value.

Consulting Service Options:

  • Monthly Subscription (hours of consulting per month). Cancel at any time.
  • Partner Package (specified service delivered with subscription)
  • Special Projects (hourly, fixed price, or equity)


Mid-Size & Small Companies

Mid-Size & Small Companies1

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Mid-Size & Small Companies3

Mid-Size & Small Companies4