Government & Non-Profit Organizations

Government and Non-Profit organizations are performing amazing works in science and program delivery to accelerate the improvement of the environment. Organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), to name a few, and thousands of others are contributing to a better environment.

Public-Private Partnerships are a powerful method to speed up the environmental improvement process. Leveraging public resources to achieve private sector buy-in and investment is critical to success. This is possible because consumers are making purchasing decisions based on a company’s environmental actions, and market supply and demand forces are taking hold.

Virdao can improve the success of government and non-profit organizations focused on the environment. We know government and non-profits seldom get the recognition deserved and remain under resourced, and we can help. Virdao and our best-in-class partners assist corporations with the services below, and may facilitate your organization achieve success.

Greenhouse Gases measure, verify, report, reduce
Renewable Energy certificates (RECs), on-site

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
Newsweek Green
Environmental Performance Data & Benchmarking

Cost Reduction Energy, demand response
LEED Green Building Projects
Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)


Virdao’s Consulting Services are customized to maximize value for clients. Our consulting may include strategy, planning, marketing, partnerships, project management, research, and special projects.

All consulting services feature a team approach focused on maximizing return on investment. The benefits include improving the environment and helping your organization achieve its objectives affordably.


Consulting Service Options:

  • Monthly Subscription (hours of consulting per month). Cancel at any time.
  • Partner Package (specified service delivered with subscription)
  • Special Projects (hourly, fixed price, or equity)


Government & Non-Profit Organizations

Government & Non-Profit Organizations1

Government & Non-Profit Organizations2

Government & Non-Profit Organizations3

Government & Non-Profit Organizations4