For the initial time, this type of marijuana was discovered within the Hindu Kush Mountains

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For the initial time, this type of marijuana was discovered within the Hindu Kush Mountains It was a little shrub (mostly on the type of Indica), which offers a soft smoke and has a vibrant taste of hash. The original plant includes a dark green stem and leaves, at times having a tinge of purple. A compact shrub can also be covered with pistils which have a color from bronze to orange. Also the buds are knotted and chunky. The aroma of Kush involves numerous variations. It can be dominated by earthen, floral, coniferous and fruit shades with notes of spices and pine. Mild herbaceous taste predominates through the smoking, but you may also feel grape, floral and earthy flavors in it. In its pure type and in hybrid forms, Kush has a pronounced relaxing effect. It sets the customer towards the positive and makes him smile, that is why this marijuana is advised to utilize in the course of a meditations. But, these properties can differ based on the specific plant. Advantages The main advantage of this cannabis variety is definitely the absence of genetic dominance. This makes Kush a fantastic choice for breeders.

Marijuana of this class offers the following properties to hybrids

Resistance to low temperatures. Higher yield. Adjustable height of the critical kush strain bush. The want for a compact quantity of water. The plant has all this characteristics, considering that in nature it grows in the mountains. The breeders also say that it’s pretty uncomplicated to grow Kush at residence. Varieties Essentially the most common forms of Kush are: OG Kush: completely relaxes and cheers up.

Bubba Kush: has a robust sedative impact, reduces appetite and assists to fall asleep

Purple Kush: has an outstanding soporific force. Skywalker OG: features a wealthy fruit flavor, aids someone to unwind and feel superior.

Master Kush: combines sedative, relaxing and mood-raising effects

The classic Afgan Kush, generally, has all common properties of Indica. It suppresses the psyche and causes serious drowsiness, relaxing all of the muscle tissues of the physique in parallel. The hybrids has a mild effect, so they are even more encouraged to get a frequent use.


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